History of the Club

UTU Debating Club was founded back in 2011 from Keni Miettinen, a philosophy student, who had foreseen the benefits of registering a debating association under the umbrella of the university’s student union. Together with a small but dedicated group of other philosophy students , he held debate meetings in finnish, already prior to 2011, which were operating more like a discussion group and less than what the international competitive academic debate looks like. Ville Kokko, the current treasurer (2016) was a member of that first group and together with Angelos Emmanouilidis (board member 2016) were on the first board after the organization was founded.

Already since 2010, Angelos, an experienced debater from Greece, came to Turku for his Master’s studies and even though the meetings were held in finnish, he participated occasionally and had fruitful discussions with the young philosophers suggesting among others a major restructure of the activities and the operations of the club in order be alligned with the international community. This series of organizational and operational restructions took place a few months later, in 2012 when he was elected as the president of the association together with a very ambitious board including the previous board members Keni and Ville and a young law student, Mikael Falck. In one night, the operational language changed to English, the format was switched to british parliamentary and the organization started aggresively to recruit new members all over the university with simple but systematic marketing campaigns.


University of Turku Debating Club is a relatively new TYY sub-organization founded in 2010 and is the only official University Debating Club in the city of Turku and one of the very few in Finland. The working language is English, which makes it possible for both Finnish and International students to engage in all the activities.

As a fully functional association, the club has multiple goals. The first major goal is the improvement of both oral and presentation skills while other aims, equally important, are to enhance critical and logical thinking, introduce different kinds of argumentation, all these in a safe environment. For those who are more ambitious, the club supports their participation in tournaments around the world, also giving them the opportunity to practice what they have learned, meet new people and travel in various cities and countries. Apart from all the above, the meetings themselves are a great opportunity to expand your social circle and make friends.

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