There are numerous tournaments and hundrends of motions debated every year all over the world. We’ve selected what we consider to be the best motions from various tournaments since 2011; we hope you find this motions’ pool as useful as we do!


no motion tournament
no motion tournament
1 THW ban the payment of ransoms Red Sea Open 2011, Israel
2 THW force elected politicians and their families to use only public health and education services Red Sea Open 2011, Israel
3 THW mandate the use of condoms in porn Red Sea Open 2011, Israel
4 THW prosecute violent fouls in sports as criminal assault Red Sea Open 2011, Israel
5 THBT natural resources should belong to the world and not to any individual country Red Sea Open 2011, Israel
6 THBT EU membership should not be determined on the basis of geographic criteria​ EU-China YDT 2011, China
7 THW demand international corporations operating in China to uphold the same environmental standards required in their home country​ EU-China YDT 2011, China
8 THW halt all development aid to countries that punish homosexuality Dutch Pro-Am 2011, Netherlands
9 THW ban corporate sponsorship of academic research Dutch Pro-Am 2011, Netherlands
10 THBT America and the EU should cease all financial, political and military aid to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority until they reach a peace deal​ Kiev Open 2011, Ukraine
11 THW ban nuclear energy Edinbourgh Cup 2011, Scotland
12 THB the world is a safer place since the collapse of the USSR Edinbourgh Cup 2011, Scotland
13 THW have minimum quotas for different ethnic groups living in public housing estates SOAS IV 2011, England
14 THW create a free market for the sale of babies SOAS IV 2011, England
15 THBT the countries of former Yugoslavia should create a common history curriculum and textbooks SOAS IV 2011, England
16 THW outsource the capture of elusive criminals to bounty-hunters UCD VP 2011, Ireland
17 THW grant minors the right to euthanasia regardless of parental consent UCD VP 2011, Ireland
18 THW Only Imprison Criminals Who Threaten the Safety of Citizens NAMDA Novice 2011, England
19 TH does not regret the invasion of Iraq Imperial College Open 2011, England
20 THBT the state has a duty to provide free, unlimited and uncensored access to the Internet at every home UCU Open 2011, Netherlands
21 THW still pronounce a verdict for civil cases which have been settled out of court UCU Open 2011, Netherlands
22 THW halt all state-sponsored efforts to integrate immigrants into society UCU Open 2011, Netherlands
23 THW punish NHS workers who do not blow the whistle on malpractice, corruption or negligence, of which they know, as if they had carried out the act themselves Durham IV 2011, England
24 THW NOT prosecute people living below the poverty line for purely acquisitive crime Durham IV 2011, England
25 THBT in developing countries aid organisations should be banned from religious proselytyzing Oxford IV 2011, England
26 THW suspend trade unions and labour protection laws in times of economic crisis Oxford IV 2011, England
27 THW place a special tax on successful artists in order to fund new and developing artists Oxford IV 2011, England
28 THBT international law should allow states which accept refugees to sue the states they come from for compensation Oxford IV 2011, England
29 THBT the leaders of big world corporations should be democratically chosen by national elections Oxford IV 2011, England
30 THW euthanise all people on their 80th birthday Bogwall 2011, Scotland
31 A ‘Weak’ Artificial Intelligence is only capable of solving narrowly defined problems. A ‘Strong’ AI is capable of all the same kinds of intellectual tasks as human beings. A Strong AI would be able to reason, plan, learn, adapt, and communicate in natural language. Researchers at major universities have made significant progress towards the creation of Strong AI. ​Cambridge IV 2011, England
THBT all research organizations should institute codes of conduct that forbid the creation of strong Artificial Intelligence
32 THW make voting a use it or lose it right IDAS 2011, Slovenia
33 THBT state has an obligation to fund the arts IDAS 2011, Slovenia
34 THW allow abortion only in the case of both parents’ consent IDAS 2011, Slovenia
35 TH supports the implementation of a global Robin Hood tax IDAS 2011, Slovenia
36 THW give transnational EU citizenship to Roma IDAS 2011, Slovenia
37 TH Supports "The Right to be Forgotten" Irish Times 2011, Ireland
38 In 2050 scientists have localised the gen that causes paedophilic tendencies. The gen can be surgically removed/”turned off” without major impact Cicero 2011, Netherlands
39 THW require everyone with the gen to undergo surgery, even if they have never been convicted of a crime
39 THW allow gifted students to skip years in primary and secondary school ESU England Mace 2011, England
40 THBT all countries should abandon the fight against climate change and should just seek to adapt to its consequences ESU England Mace 2011, England
41 THBT one party's maximum share in the parliament should be limited to 50% + 1 place Moscow Open 2011, Russia
42 THBT eurozone countries that are in danger of default should be forced to give up control over taxation and budget spending in addition to receiving a bail-out Moscow Open 2011, Russia
43 THBT society would be better if the primary duty of companies were to their workers and not to their shareholders Moscow Open 2011, Russia
44 THBT all bail-out packages should be approved by a popular referendum in the recipient party Cork IV 2011, Ireland
45 THBT the State should give everyone an equal salary, paid for by the government, even if they are unemployed Cork IV 2011, Ireland
46 THBT gay professional sportspeople have a duty to come out Paris Centrale 2011, France
47 THW legalize opium production in Afghanistan Paris Centrale 2011, France
48 THBT political assassination is a legitimate tool for foreign policy Estonian Pro-Am 2011, Estonia
49 THW break the state monopoly on alcohol Finnish Nationals 2011, Finland
50 THW not fund public service broadcasters (like YLE or BBC) Finnish Nationals 2011, Finland
51 THBT free health care should cover cosmetic surgery Finnish Nationals 2011, Finland
52 THW allow individuals to legally occupy any building that has been unused for more than 6 months ​KCL IV 2011, England
53 THBT Western nations should make development aid conditional on the protection of LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) rights SSE Riga IV 2011, Latvia
54 THW require all media aimed at children to undermine traditional gender roles SSE Riga IV 2011, Latvia
55 THW make the right to vote contingent on basic knowledge about political issues ​Stuttgart IV 2011, Germany
56 THBT the EU should limit the amount of energy individuals are allowed to consume ​Stuttgart IV 2011, Germany
57 THW make Drion’s pill publicly available ​Stuttgart IV 2011, Germany
58 THW abolish political parties and only allow election of individuals Dutch Novice Cup, Netherlands
59 You are an unparalelled neurochemist. By accident, you discover a cheap medicine without side effects that can guarantee heterosexuality in unborn children. You would make your discovery public. Dutch Novice Cup, Netherlands
60 THW make fathers take paternity leave De La Salle Worlds, Philippines
61 THW prevent politicians from making fact claims that, while not technically lies, are substantially misleading to voters De La Salle Worlds, Philippines
62 THW force large companies who leave an area to pay the costs of any resulting structural unemployment De La Salle Worlds, Philippines
63 THW ban all private healthcare in favour of a comprehensive public healthcare system De La Salle Worlds, Philippines
1 THBT religious organisations should be subject to all aspects of civilian law (including, but not limited to: employment practice, adoption policy,...) Oxford Women's Open 2012, England
2 THW require military training to include extensive ethical and philosophical study Oxford Women's Open 2012, England
3 THW allow ‘Fight Clubs’ to be founded Rotterdam BP, Netherlands
4 THW impose a legal duty of care on adult children for their parents Rotterdam BP, Netherlands
5 THW disclose the ethnicity of a sperm/egg donor to the prospective parent Trinity IV 2012, Ireland
6 THBT the US should pay reparations to its Muslim population for policies carried out in the aftermath of 9/11 Trinity IV 2012, Ireland
7 THW force broadcasters to display, promote and report women’s sport equally to men’s sport York IV 2012, England
8 THW ban the private production of pornography and replace it with state-produced pornography that promotes respect and good treatment for women York IV 2012, England
9 THW prevent foreign ownership of significant domestic companies York IV 2012, England
10 THW remove all hate speech laws Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
11 THW allow “religious duty/compulsion” as a mitigating defense for crimes Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
12 THW ban media reporting on violent crimes Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
13 THW ban works of literature/film/music that glorify criminality Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
14 THW compel priests to report a crime which they learn of through confession Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
15 THW take socio-economic background into account when sentencing criminals Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
16 THW publish a list of convicted sex offenders Irish Mace, Round 2, Ireland
17 THBT if it isn't broken, break it French Debate Association Tournament, France
18 THB the Protection of National Identity is a Legitimate Reason to Restrict Immigration Irish Times Semis, Ireland
19 THB It is Illegitimate for the State to Attempt to Instill Morals or Values in Children in Schools Galway Open 2012, Ireland
20 THW ban all technology in the pursuit of the genetic enhancement of humanity Galway Open 2012, Ireland
21 THW create a separate league for athletes who choose to take performance enhancing substances Cardiff IV 2012, Wales
22 You are a young man in Galilee about 2000 years ago. You are charismatic and clever. You have the ability to gain a devoted following. People believe you are the son of God and are able to perform a number of miracles, like food-multiplication and healing. Cardiff IV 2012, Wales
23 THW use the influences gained from these abilities and beliefs to propagate socialist values that are justified through faith