Turku Open took place for three consecutive years, from 2013 to 2015, and had been the most ambitious and successful project of the club. It was the first big-scale international tournament in Finland and one of the biggest in the region attracting more than a hundred students – and not only – each year. Over the years, the tournament attracted many world-class debaters who participated either as adjudicators or debaters including Manos Moschopoulos, Harish Natarajan, Helena Ivanov, John McKee, Viktor Prlja, Lucinda David, Peer Klüßendorf, Emilia Carlqvist, Johan Båge, Gustaf Lundgren, Nika Jelaska, Daisy Onubogu and Karolina Partyga among others. We are also very proud that Turku Open, was the tournament where many finnish – and not only – debaters made their first steps in the international competitive debating with the most notable being Milla Huuskonen, Valtteri Wallden and Alf Parvi.

Turku Open was also the flagship event in the parallel project “Nothing is True, Everything is Debatable” which won the “Best International Act 2013” award from the TYY Committee on International Affairs. For all these years, the event had the full support from all the major cultural and educational institutions of the city including the City of Turku, University of Turku and TYY. Other valuable partners included the Federation of Finnish-British Societies, ESN Uni Turku, ISTU and Omena Hotels. We are also very happy that all these years we were able to hold the closing ceremony in Panimo Ravintola Koulu, the most prestigious pub-restaurant in the city. Turku Open will be remembered for all the aforementioned reasons and for many more including the free cruise to Stockholm with Viking Line.

None of all the above would have happened without our experienced organizing team who worked day and night every year to prepare this top notch event. Angelos Emmanouilids was the heart of the project, convening – and not only – all the tournaments while Vasiliki Koniakou was the Registration Officer among others. Mikael Falck and Matilda Suihkonen were the Finance Officers in 2013 and 2014 respectively. One more important person was Marilda Lindvall who was the head photographer all these years. There’s also a long list of people -mostly friends- who worked super hard behind the scenes as volunteers and we’ll never be able to thank them enough for that.

The first Turku Open was held in October 25-27/2013 at the premises of the University of Turku (Calonia – Educarium) and it’s still the biggest tournament ever occured in Finland, bringing together thirty-six teams from all over Europe. The grand final took place in the amazing fourteenth century St. Catherine’s Church.

The second installation of the successful tournament was held in October 17-19/2014 at the premises of the University of Turku (Turku School of Economics), bringing together thirty-two teams from all over Europe; the grand final took place in Tauno Nurmela Hall in the main building of the university.

The last but definately not least Turku Open was held in October 23-25/2015 at the premises of the University of Turku (Turku School of Economics) again with thirty-two teams. This time the final took place in the beautiful History Room of Panimo Ravintola Koulu.

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